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5 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

While home inspections are considered a common step in buying a home, some buyers

are tempted to overlook this step in an attempt to save time during closing and avoid

the cost of the inspection fee. However, this oversight is usually one that buyers come

to regret later as issues arise with the house that could, and should, have been

addressed during the sale process. Here are the best reasons for buyers to have a

certified home inspection by a TREC Inspector (Texas Real Estate Commission).

1) Home Inspections Provide Insight into Your Investment

You do research for other major purchases, such as cars and furniture, so why wouldn’t you thoroughly research one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make? Performing a TREC inspection will give you information you need to make sure you’re making a wise investment in the house you plan to call home.

2) Home Inspections Give You Bartering Power

Like it or not, negotiating the sale of a house isn’t a straightforward process. Throughout

much of the closing period, the sale price as well as repairs and other write-ins can still

be negotiated. Knowledge is power, and once the home inspection reveals which major

problems are present in the house, you can request that the seller repair them before

closing, or request that the sale price be reduced to cover the costs of the repairs later.

If the seller refuses to negotiate, you can use the TREC inspection report as a reason to

back out of the sale altogether before you potentially get stuck with major repairs.

3) Home Inspections Help You Stay Objective

For many buyers, committing to a home is an emotional process. It’s easy for your

decisions to become driven by emotion, rather than reason. For example, it may be

tempting to overlook the flaws of an older home, because you feel a connection to its

“character” or history. Having a home inspector provide a TREC inspection can help you

see the reality that could come along with the home, such as electrical rewiring or

plumbing issues. Many buyers who decide solely on the “feeling” a house gives them

come to regret it later when they discover hidden problems that a home inspection

could have potentially uncovered.

4) Home Inspections Uncover Bad DIY Jobs

Maybe the previous owners went a little DIY crazy. Often these unprofessional upgrades or repairs can seem legitimate on the surface, but can end up causing issues down the road. Even quality DIY jobs can cause problems if the work was not permitted or up to code, and may have to be torn out and redone to meet legal requirements of local building codes. Unpermitted room additions, for example, can affect your insurance, taxes, and eventual resale value. While the TREC inspector may not be able to investigate the local municipality for the proper permit, a TREC inspector can sometimes uncover these illicit handyman jobs before you commit to the sale.

5) Home Inspections Help you Prepare for Future Costs

A TREC inspection is a great investment even if you decide not to request any repairs in

your sale negotiations. Knowing which systems in the home will need replacement in

the coming years can help you plan for those expenses. Your home inspector will

provide you information about your HVAC, roof, appliances, and other systems that can

help you stay on top of those repairs and replacements as needed in the years to come.

This will help you keep your systems in good functioning order for as long as possible,

and plan ahead for the major expenses of replacement.

All in all, home inspections, when conducted by a licensed TREC inspector, provide you

with knowledge, power, and peace of mind during one the biggest decisions you will

ever make. If the experienced home inspectors at Accurate Home Services can help

provide you peace of mind during your home-buying process, don’t hesitate to call us at



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