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Why Get A Home Inspection?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Home Inspections go better with experience

Have you ever bought a car and after purchasing it, you see the same car everywhere? Intellectually you knew that the car existed on the roads, but you have never seen as many until your eye recognized it as the same vehicle that you recently purchased.

It is interesting to me that the same people notice different things. In the home inspection business, it is no different. I have been inspecting for 18 years now and sometimes drive my wife crazy noticing inspection deficiencies on houses while driving down the road on houses that I am not “technically” inspecting. Imagine how difficult it would be for my wife and I if every time we visit friends, I told them everything I saw wrong with their house. We would not keep friends very long. I try hard to keep my mouth shut and just simply say “you have a nice house”.

I think this is one reason why it is very important to have a house inspected by someone knowledgeable in construction techniques who has been trained to look for deficiencies before purchasing your new / used house. While it is not good for friendships to tell people about their house flaws, it is extremely important to know about these deficiencies before purchasing a house. You want a “trained eye” that is used to observing these issues.

Whether it is our company doing your inspection or you are picking a different inspector, make sure it is someone that is knowledgeable and has a “trained eye”. While we certainly want to be friendly, you’re not looking for a friend, you’re looking for potential house deficiencies.

We hope you will trust us with your next home inspection, pest control issue or construction project.


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